Why choose us?

The Studio

Get away for an hour to reconnect body, mind and spirit in this fully equipped,  yet intimate and "down

to earth" Pilates studio. Enjoy the relaxing, peaceful and uplifting atmosphere in a non-competitive and encouraging environment.  Start your new healthy

life today!

  • Pick from over 10 small weekly Mat and Equipment group classes, or

  • Come in at your convenience for a private or semiprivate session with a  deeper focus on "problem" areas, rehabilitation or understanding of the method. 

Tina Woelbling-Hamner

 "I grew up in Germany - Pilates’ birth place, and had a wonderful carreer as a teacher for more than 20 years, but I always dreamed of seeing the world. So I moved to the USA in 2002 and decided to share my passion of Pilates with others.

I became certified through Madeline Black, ITT Pilates, and after teaching in various places throughout Lake County opened my studio in 2008.

  • I love the way my body feels when I do Pilates, and the way it feels afterwards.

  • I love how Pilates becomes an escape for an hour and that people always leave the studio happier, calmer, yet energized.

  • I love how Pilates radiates out of the studio and  becomes a way of living: focused, at peace and with ease."

Need more reasons to choose us?
  • Small Group Classes! Ratio is 4:1 for equipment classes and 5:1 for mat-based classes. We believe in hands-on, personalized instruction with experienced instructors. You may be paying less for a group class with more people, but is it worth it?
  • We believe that quality of instruction is key:
A profound understanding of anatomy and movement and the the talent to convey the Method’s principles for all to understand;
An uncanny ability to tweak little details to get to the "effortless effort" of the movement;
Caring and encouraging yet pushing just enough to get the most benefit for you so you achieve your goals quickly.
  • We are the only studio in Lake County that offers Mat Classes in combination with Springboard (and other Pilates equipment, like Spine Corrector, Chair and Magic Circle and more).
                                                  Are you ready to begin your new, healthy life?     
What do other people say? Client Testimonial

A total success-

I am a 56 year old athlete that began Pilates to improve my waterskiing and snowboarding. I immediately noticed improvement in my athletic ability with the plus of losing 10 pounds to bring my weight I had at the age of 18.            

Peter S., Clearlake

Tina’s Pilates class has taught me some tremendous core techniques in helping me to become a stronger athlete.                                Mark C., long distance runner, Lower Lake

Tina's Pilates class was my last ditch effort to relieve on going Fibromyalgia pain.  I realized after my first class that this is the exercise for me, that in order to feel better I had to breathe deeper than I ever had before and that I needed to move my core muscles to get strong.  I am happy to say that because of her class I am healthier and stronger than I have been in years.   

 Sandy L.

I really appreciate Tina's emphasis on listening to your body so you don't overdo the exercises. I look forward to her classes and always walk away feeling rejuvenated.

Jane U.

Tina teaches with a great "spirit" and demonstrates an incredible knowledge of the mechanics of Pilates.   I would recommend her classes for all ages and every level.      Sonja B., Lakeport

I first began taking Pilates sessions from Tina as advised by a health care professional due to frequent back pain. The first thing I noticed when I stood up from the first mat session was that I felt taller. In the months that followed I was frequently asked, “Have you lost weight, you look great?”. Although I had lost a little weight from Pilates, it was the lengthening of my muscles that made me look and feel better. Pilates not only improved my back, it improved my mind and my outlook on life.              John H.

I did not know anything about Pilates when I started working out with Tina which was about 4 yrs. ago.  I can honestly say it has changed my body for the better.  I am 70 yrs. old & had a few aches & pains when I started but they disappeared over time & Pilates has helped my posture & strengthened my core & back.  You won't find a better instructor than Tina; she goes to classes to learn & improve her technique & reads many books on Pilates so she is well versed.  She checks to make sure you are doing the moves right which is very important in this exercise program.  Taking care of your body as you age is so important & Pilates will definitely help.  Plus, Tina makes it fun!     Barbara Gleed 

Taking Pilates from Tina is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I came to my first Pilates class about 5-6 years ago. I was recovering from a car accident and was very restricted in movement and feeling generally very weak. I found out how much I liked the small studio environment, where Tina would give everyone personalized attention. I committed to attending class three times a week. Today I am happy to say that I feel stronger than ever before and with a whole new outlook on fitness.... for the rest of my life. Pilates IS ‘for life’ - and what we learn from Tina we are encouraged to carry with us, right out of class and into our daily lives. Pilates emphasizes the development of long, lean, strong muscles and the joy that comes from freedom of movement. It is not about working out harder, but about working smarter ! I like that ! :) It is an intelligent exercise, and you learn to listen to your own body. You are not in competition with anyone. However, that is not not to say that Tina doesn’t push you to accomplish more and more as your body begins to respond ! Its like 'peeling an onion’ she says, there is always another layer. Tina has such a calm, positive outlook and it just radiates throughout the room. You leave her class feeling upbeat, strong, refreshed and just about ready for anything. I think that Tina is just simply the BEST at what she does ! We are very fortunate to have her right here, in Lake County."

Kathy Chambers

Tina’s classes are fun, challenging and very satisfying. She is a natural instructor and “tickles” the best out of me. After class I’m energized and ready to take on my busy work schedule.                                                                                    Meg Z., Spring Valley

I fell off a large horse, broke my pelvis, nerve damage in my leg and back surgery.  My back surgeon suggested Pilates classes to help me.  Look what I can do now, just about anything Tina throws at me.  Thank you Tina! 








  I have been studying Pilates with Tina for over a year. When I began her classes I was greeted with a pleasant ‘you can do it!’ attitude that has never failed on her part. Tina is able to work with anyone, whatever your injury or level may be. I always feel confident when I walk into Tina’s studio, and know that I will be challenged to my level and given an individual experience even in a group setting. I have seen dramatic changes in my body due to Tina’s training and no longer have a lot of the pain and back problems that I had when I first began Pilates. I now walk with the confidence and great posture that a strong core can give you.
I think that most people believe that for you to exercise you have to be in shape to start—absolutely not the case. I believe that Pilates in low impact, high endurance, and very shaping even for those of us with a few (or a lot) of pounds to lose. It is the only exercise I have ever been able to stick to—and that is in huge part to Tina and her enthusiasm. Tina is an expert at making sure you will continue to move forward in your training and fitness from one session to one hundred.
Heather - Clearlake, CA