Private Sessions   (60 minutes)

 single session                                    $60   

 5 sessions                                           $270   
10 sessions                                          $525  
20 sessions                                         $1000  

* includes assessment/postural analysis 

and home  program design

    Couples: $40 per person

Contact us now
for your Jumpstart at a reduced rate.
Three hours private instruction for $99! to get you safely and efficiently ready to join any class.
The quickest, easiest and most affordable path to you new YOU.
 This applies to new students only
Group Classes (60 minutes)
You can choose between a one time drop-in,
or  for a better rate choose the monthly fee:

Mat/Springboard classes/monthly fee


1x/week                                               $50

2x/week                                               $90

3x/week                                               $120


        Reformer class/monthly fee


1x/week                                               $63

2x/week                                              $110

3x/week                                             $130                            (best deal: $44 in savings!)


              Mixed classes/monthly fee


1x/week Mat and 1x/week Reformer   $105

 2x/week Mat and 1x/week Reformer $135

 1x/week Mat and 2x/week Reformer $140


                           Drop in:

Mat/Springboard class                            $15

Reformer class (with prior experience) $20


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes.

To ensure that class level is appropriate

and space is available call the studio for all drop-ins and private session.

Call us: (707) 277-0502