How do I get started?

We are so confident in the

Pilates method that we will not charge you if you are not convinced after the first 30 minutes.

New to Pilates?

We offer a JUMPSTART: three hours private instruction for only $99! to get you safely and efficiently ready to join any class.​​​​
  • Find out       
             + what makes Pilates so different from any                            other exercise methods;      
             + how you can improve the way you feel                                  and move;                          
             + Where are my imbalances? What is weak                            and tight, or overworked and straining?                       
  •  Experience various pieces of Pilates apparatus
  • Last, but not least: Leave refreshed, invigorate and rejuvenated in body, mind and soul.

In order to join Reformer classes one private session is required.

You have done Pilates before?

We invite you to come in for a private session at a reduced rate to 
  •  See if we are a good fit 
  • Find the imbalances in your body, learn how to  release what is tight and address what is weak 
  • Address pain or injuries and rehabilitation or prevention.
  • Take it to the next level or establish new goals
  • Leave refreshed and invigorated in body, mind and soul.
              This offer applies to new students only.

 Ready to continue with classes?

Or do you want to continue with private sessions?

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